Transform your platform into something more than just a TV.

We fetch and use different data sources like program guide, channels lists, parental control, movies and trailers, social networks and weather data to personalize viewing experience and enable users to do more with their TV set.


Our apps can be tailor made to enrich your services, or you can always choose some of apps from our portfolio!


Our solution is designed to offer a TV platform that can deliver video content by IP, cable or satellite infrastructure.

To achieve this, we implement systems and technologies from renowned vendors, always giving you a perfect choice when it comes to selection of particular subsystem.

Modern middleware solutions connect each subsystem and provide cutting edge UI/UX experience to users, can be customized with various apps and allow users to watch content on any device: TV, tablets, phones or computers.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems are created by the most renowned vendors in this filed that are trusted by leading film studios and TV houses. These subsystems offer you complete protection of your digital video content and enable you to include premium video services in your portfolio like HBO.

Digital head-ends, encoders, decoders and transcoders can fetch and process all video inputs and prepare them form your TV platform

Scramblers and Descramblers ensure your video signal travels in encrypted form protecting it from unauthorized usage

Modulators enable transfer of digital video via analog network enabling you to use infrastructure other than IP

Quality of Experience (QoE) systems allow surveillance and monitoring of video, which ensures delivery of best quality videos to your users

CDN platforms and streamers gather all content you provide and deliver it throughout the network to end user devices

Origin servers and packagers improve video delivery on managed or open internet networks through on-the-fly packaging and unique cache management capabilities.

CPE equipment and Set-Top Boxes are end-user equipment that connects to TV set and reproduce video and other content coming from your TV platform

Hospitality solutions allow you to offer TV service that is customized for usage in hotels where guests can check in and out, check their bills, see what hotel offers, set up wake up call, etc.


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